3 Basic Strategies for a Building an Awesome Digital Presence

3 Basic Strategies for a Building an Awesome Digital Presence
March 4, 2017 aethiopsadmin

The competition to get your content seen grows every day. The good news is that there are people out there looking for exactly what you have to offer and they might be where least expected. Your new song might hit a nerve with a group of teens in Accra, Ghana; Your recipe may be the best appetizer at a family dinner in Sydney, Australia; Someone in Miami thinks your training regimen is perfect to improve their personal records.

Through the sea of millions of online sources, you have to get to them and communicate that you are a brand they can trust and depend on. Not a fly-by-night operation of someone pretending to be an expert. Here are a few tips to get your brand going or improve on it if you already have ongoing.

Responsive sites look great on all devices

Get a website

Can you build a successful business without a website? Sure. There comes a point where you will need your own customized online space. It’s like the difference between renting and owning a house. Your social media profile belongs to the (landlord) company which they allow you to use, you can’t paint the walls purple because it violates your lease. The same way you can’t have a purple Instagram background, the content is yours but the layout belongs to Instagram.

Your website will serve as a personal hub for all your networks, allowing your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter feed etc to be found in one place. This also helps with your SEO a field mostly consisting of visiting oracles, throwing bones and sacrificing small animals – more on that another time.

Web sites such as Godaddy, Bluehost and HostGator have easy to use solution for getting your domain name. I have a simple guide here

SN: Make your site is responsive i.e. it changes depending on desktop, tablet or mobile. A large percentage of people will visit your site from a phone or tablet. A website that looks amazing on a desktop, but looks like 1995 on mobile might be the reason you lost a fan before you had them.

Example of poorly set up social media

Set up your social media properly

Not just get on networks but get on them properly. Make sure:

  • Have a unique and interesting handle
  • Names are spelled correctly
  • Contact information is proper and current you might want to create a new email for business
  • (getmoneysw4g_gagnamstyl3@gmail might turn some people off)
  • All your pictures and video are clear and with not too many added effects

Find the sweet spot. Dont overdo it

Post Regularly

Uploading 7 items in one hour on Monday morning is not the same as uploading one item a day for a week. They have different effects, think of your postings as showers(if your into that kind of thing), get them regularly and make them good, you can rush one if you’re in a hurry but make sure you hit the important spots.

  • Great content/pictures
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Good description
  • Engaging topics


These are just a few basic tips to get you started, getting a proper responsive website, setting up your social media correctly and posting great stuff regularly can do wonders for your online presence even if your just starting out or you just aren’t seeing the same results lately


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