Interview with Jeremiah Couloute, CEO & Founder, Ventum3D

Interview with Jeremiah Couloute, CEO & Founder, Ventum3D
July 9, 2017 aethiopsadmin

I recently had the chance to interview entrepreneur, inventor, and innovator – Jeremiah Couloutte. He talks about his life, inspiration and his company’s new product the Aeolius Constant Generator(ACG). A device that will deliver safe reliable power all year round. A very passionate and innovative guy, here are a few of his thoughts.

Tell us about yourself and your experience?

My name is Jeremiah Couloute I am the Founder and CEO of a Green Technology Company called Ventum3d.  I grew up not being aware of the environment and the impact it has on the world. When I was a freshman back
in 2012 there was a huge mega storm called Hurricane Sandy, which hit the area of CT I was living in at the time and we were without power for 2 weeks. In this time-frame, I became closer to nature and wanted to do something about the polluting energy situation that is unreliable and causing drastic harm to the environment.

How did the idea for the Ventum3D come about?

I created Ventum3D in 2014, at this time I had done extensive research on energy systems and the environment for 2 years. What I found was a lot of inefficient systems that were causing more harm than good. Through studying the wind turbine, I started reverse engineering a system that uses the wind turbine as one of many catalysts rather than the single common denominator of the energy system.

What is your approach to product development is in general?

I always have a ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude toward the search for better ideas; the greatest inventions known to man have come from things others have said were impossible. It’s only impossible if someone has not yet created it.

Can you briefly explain how it works?

The Aeolius Constant Generator (ACG) works by constantly switching within the system from receiving and sending power. This enables the system to have an autonomous charging effect to constantly send energy to the onboard battery to keep it above a certain percentage. This then makes the whole system run in unison which is inspired by the earth’s natural feedback system.

On a scale of 1-10, how lucky are you?

A 10, I would have never thought I would create a system like this or even be in the green technology field. I was a petrol head from a young age so this was totally unexpected, to say the least.

What impact do you expect the Ventum3D to have?

Ventum3D was created to solve Climate Change, Our goal called the 2025 Goal is to be able to create a 100% sustainable ecosystem that has no sacrifices and is better in every way to the outdated common fossil fuel system. The ACG is proving that it is possible to have a 100% clean energy future that will be massively better for the world in every aspect.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most?

I am a huge fan of Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Davinci, and Michael Faraday. I would say Nikola Tesla would be my favorite, His inventions to me are unmatched; I mean he pretty much made the 21st century.

Can you share 1-2 examples of your biggest accomplishments during development?

The Conservation of energy was a huge one for the team; we had to find unique ways to conserve the energy that was not used in the operation of the machine and distribute it throughout the system. We then had to figure out how we can take this system and make it more efficient, so we created a unique wind turbine siphon system that makes our system work as a self-sustaining system.

What is still your biggest challenge with Ventum3D?

Lithium ion batteries are not the best eco-friendly battery in the world, so we are developing  in-house new battery technology that will meet our eco-friendly requirements and also be more efficient in cost and

How do you balance work and life demands?

To me, my job is not my workplace it’s my life, So working at 3 or 4 am in the morning knowing that I am doing this for a greater cause than just myself. It keeps me humble and wanting to work even more.

What’s next for you and Ventum3D?

We will be upgrading our energy system to a residential unit, which will be on the market by the end of 2018. Our plans are to continue to scale this energy system so that we can achieve a 100% sustainable eco-system.


Where can we find you online?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – @Ventum3d and on our website at where you can pre-order the ACG and experience “Power Over Our Power”.


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