Sustainability – Poem by @WordsInVisionArt

Sustainability – Poem by @WordsInVisionArt
May 13, 2017 aethiopsadmin

Met wordsinvisionart on the comment section of a very inspiring Gary Vee video. Shoutout to them for writing this poem for us:

Help the planet however you can. It’s the only one we have.
The benefits of Going green,
Are endless or so it seems,
Good for our health, the world’s natural wealth and help keep the roads clean.
Air pollution, Without being confusing,
Is all the bad toxins in major towns that we are consuming.
Renewable energy also creates employment,
Another benefit and enjoyment,
Which would help all of society,
Something that would help you, I and we.
Eco-friendly, stabilizes energy prices,
Taking the pressure off us so gently.
In a time where inflation is a regular conversation,
Renewable energy is an advantage for the time and the money that we’re saving..


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