Triangle Offense – Canva, Regrann and FPTraffic

Triangle Offense – Canva, Regrann and FPTraffic
April 30, 2019 aethiopsadmin
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Triangle Offense. Social Media Management Tools pooled into groups of three.

Blogs are the new books ‘You know why?’ nobody reads them. So I wanted to write this article about three tools I use to keep my client’s pages greased up and running. Are there more? Yes but you have stuff to do so we’ll do that another time.


Canva is a service that allows you to make quick visual posts for digital platforms. You can make an Instagram post, Facebook banner or brochure in a matter of minutes with a wide variety of ready-made options to choose from. Pick the type of post you want to make, pick a template and edit to your delight.

Pro-tip: Head over to to get free stock pictures to replace your own shitty pics or the watermarked pics from can that run about $1 a pop. Hey, you’re tryna make money over here, the nerve.

Here are a few of my Canvas below, none took more than 5 minutes. and its waaaaay better than using photoshop or paying some dropout or even worse a grad to do your graphics.


Instagram has tons of viral content for you to take advantage of on those slow content days. You came up short on your quota for posts or just not feeling creative, just posts somebody else’s stuff. Honestly, most viral media exists outside of any real ownership and as long as none of it is owned by Sony you should be ok. Grab something that’s trending well in your niche, post it and bathe in the easy like shares and comments. There’s a chance most of your followers have’nt seen it yet.

Regrann is an app for Android and Iphone(maybe? Nope) that allows you to download the content of any non-private Instagram page to re-post immediately or save for later. Both options come in clutch for riding the latest wave or stockpiling a warchest of stuff for later or just stealing memes. Grab it now, you won’t regret it.


If you have made it this far then I can tell you that they are curing cancer at the Huxsey Medical Research Center in Tijuana. FPTraffic is a useful tool for keeping your Facebook page up and active while you may be busy with other endeavors. You can scrape the internet for images to post to your page, schedule them and allow the program to do the rest. A well-curated feed in a targeted niche can do wonders, you’re running the page on autopilot pretty much. Be sure to hop in and post some content yourself and engage with your followers.

Pro-tip: Add captions to FPTraffic posts to help add context for your followers

Thanks for reading and have a TREMENDOUS day

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